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how to shop at beacon's closet

today we're bringing you a how-to post straight from one of our most loyal customers. hannah of the the(fashion)hash has been shopping at beacon's for years, and she's here to share her secrets for conquering our giant williamsburg store: 

photography by tan camera

as a bright-eyed, barely-legal, upper west side dormer, riding the A to the L to beacon's closet was my introduction to the much cooler brooklyn. i would pack, nay, stuff my suitcase with clothes to trade, always heading back uptown with even more in tow. i never could resist a good closet purge, and with the thrill of the find built in, twas a day trip i would schedule weeks in advance in sheer anticipation of my next haul. having easy access to beacon's was instrumental in my decision to move to williamsburg.. so, i guess i really. fucking. love it.

and i understand how intimidating it can be. thrifting at this level is not for the faint of heart or the attention deficit. so, in the past four years of sifting and sorting successes, i've developed an algorithm; here's how i get my guaranteed beacon's closet (fashion)high:

1. set aside time. you can't properly tackle thousands of square feet without a good couple hours. don't find yourself with arms full of epic clothes and 5 minutes to spare. trust me, perspiration in the dressing room is not fun or cute.

2. if you don't have all day, know what you're looking for and what looks good on you. what is your wardrobe missing? work from there.

3. wear something comfortable and easy to change in/out of. think about what will pair well with your finds (black jeans, boots, and a tee is my go-to). leave your purse at home; having two free hands to snatch and schlepp are definitely better than one.

4. look for unusual prints, high-quality fabrics, interesting textures... beacon's is best for statements, not basics.

5. always check the label! i've found designer pieces both vintage and current, so keep your eyes peeled.

6. know your colors; beacon's is organized by 'em for your convenience, so don't waste energy (or emotional distress) on racks that won't suit you.

7. don't forget the glass cases by the register! that's where i found my favorite marc jacobs booties for a cool fiddy.

8. find the balance between purchasing things you can't live without and taking risks - the prices are right, so let yourself be open minded.

9. be comfortable knowing that you may not score every time.

10. enjoy the unexpected, relish in it, and leave the store with a hardcore (fashion)high. if you didn't find everything you'd hoped for, you can always head back tomorrow for fresh stock. repeat.

thank you so much hannah!