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retro motion - art by zuzu snyder

retro motion - art by zuzu snyder

"Mood Mirror" created for Olivia Kane jewelry 

ny based artist zuzu snyder conceives a whimsical world through her art. meticulously wielding retro images into stop motion animations and collages, she transports viewers to a dream-like state. with a penchant for pop and the surreal, she plays with recurring motifs such as dinosaurs, ice cream, and space. in a recent collaboration with jewelry designer olivia kane, zuzu caught the eye of harper’s bazaar. stay tuned for a zuzu x beacon's halloween collab next month!

"Gem Storm" created for Olivia Kane jewelry 

behind-the-scenes of the Olivia Kane jewelry campaign with small paper cut-outs


 "Ring Diver" created for Olivia Kane jewelry

album cover art for Ivy Meissner's Talk at Me

"More Ice Cream"


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(sound design for the animations by wave riot music)

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