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racial equity

beacon’s closet recognizes the responsibility we have to create and maintain an inclusive and diverse work environment, especially in our management team.

we are proactive in working toward this goal, poc are enthusiastically encouraged to apply. internal training and mentorship is ongoing. we will fight the repercussions of centuries old, ongoing systemic racism to help ensure an equitable workplace. we acknowledge that we still have more work and growth ahead of us and will continue to prioritize diversity in our hiring process.

we realize this is just a drop in the bucket, and we know we need to help make real and lasting change. in addition to our ongoing activism and fundraising efforts for our charity partners, we have compiled a list of resources that specifically advance and elevate the cause of equity for bipoc, and help us all stay engaged. this is by no means a comprehensive list, it's just one list of many for us to find ways to help connect with each other and truly see each other. it is our duty to help put an end to systemic racism. below our list of resources, you will find the changes that beacon's closet is making in our own ongoing efforts to be an anti-racist company.

bipoc creative clothing loan program

mental health resources

protest resources

    get involved + ways to help

    reading + media


    actions + acknowledgement from beacon’s closet  

    fighting for equity for our black friends and employees is an ongoing effort that we’ve been taking on for many years, and it has become glaringly obvious that what we’ve been doing is not nearly enough. we recognize the urgency with which we need to more aggressively combat racism.

    • we are adding the center for racial justice in education the loveland foundation and G.L.I.T.S  as our charities partner this year. these will be  ongoing donations. we realize that funding causes is not the same as being anti-racist. this is only a small part of what is a lifelong commitment to change. we anticipate raising up to 20k for these organizations this year.
    • we will seek ongoing education from black consultants and writers to further build on our unconscious bias training that we started with paradigm, the company who helped us initially come to terms with what it means to have unconscious bias and how to recognize this in ourselves
    • for every open position, we will interview a diverse group of candidates before filling it.
    • we are using our voices, as small business owners, to advance movements brought forth by black led organizations such as the naacp, blm, vocalny, and have been and will continue to reach out to our government representatives to gain justice for victims of police violence.
    • we are writing to our government representatives to support investing in black communities and policing overhauls.
    • we pledge to you and all of our black employees that we will do right by you, and stand by you, even when things get uncomfortable.
    • we will add two paid days off to be used for activism for all employees. these paid days off can only be used for the purpose of activism and protesting.  this will be in addition to the paid days off that employees already receive.
    • we will always listen to our employees and take their concerns seriously. 
    • we will be formally recognizing juneteenth as a paid day off. we are asking staff to use this day as a day of celebration and action to help amplify black voices and elevate black lives. 
    • we will be donating 50% of sales on mlk day to a charity that advances racial equity.

    •  we will always be open to adapting to changes that we need to make in order to disrupt racism in our establishment and in the greater community. we will always encourage education, learning, and listening on how to better achieve these goals.

    • located in brooklyn and manhattan, our stores occupy physical space that lie upon traditional lands of the lenape people as well as the merrick, canarsee, rockaway and matinecock nations. we honor with gratitude their community, their elders both past and present as well as future generations and their stewardship of these lands and waters.

    • we acknowledge the enslaved africans who, through their forced labor and sale built the foundation of wealth of manhattan and brooklyn. with these words, we are just beginning the process of righting a wrong, by acknowledging the disenfranchisement of a nation of people resulting in our privilege. learn more about the place you call your home so we join in this work together.