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triptych of different angles of amit's drawings on a backpack.

amit greenberg x colette

amit greenberg is a multidisciplinary artist based in brooklyn, ny with a new collection of accessories for sale at colette in paris.  on occasion you can meet amit behind the buying counter at our greenpoint store.  he is one of the many busy artists that is proud to call beacon’s home.

triptych of amit's drawings on a backpack.

the accessory line is a sister project to a fine black line, a series of automatic drawings that greenberg developed in 2011 and has been growing ever since. the narrative illustrations are for sale as print editions as well as a wearable accessories. the complex tableau of imaginary characters and scenarios come to life and are ready to wear in the form of bags, backpacks, jewelry, head pieces, pins, key chains and more.  a fine black line is an active exploration of spirituality, sexuality, mortality, fear, and joy; woven together through art and design.   if you are lucky enough to be in paris this week, pop by the opening for a cocktail at colette on april 23rd, 5:30 -7.  213 rue saint-honoré 75001 paris.

the show will be up from april 20th - may 30th and items are available to purchase online via colette.

posters framed and artwork in display cases.

different head gear pieces by artist.
shoelace string necklace featuring dear charms.
safety pins featuring three charms.
three necklaces by the designer.
display case of headgear.
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