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how to buy • sell • trade

we are buying for the current season but will consider high demand items from all seasons

appointments not necessary or taken. 50 item limit please.

drop off guidelines

  • do not bring in items with racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise violent connotations or imagery. items may be rejected and your entire buy may be canceled at the discretion of our buyers.
  • we pay 30% cash or 50% store credit of the prices we assign your items
  • you may receive cashless payment options like apple cash, venmo, and paypal, should you wish to receive your cash electronically
  • you do not wait for your items to sell before you receive your money, you get cash or trade on the spot
  • cash option is only available on the day that items are brought in, credit cannot be converted to cash at a later date
  • we selectively buy, sell, and trade vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories, with the public
  • we buy according to demand, condition, and inventory levels.
  • sellers must be 18+ to sell. we require united states government issued id, or passports (accompanied by a visa as per DCA regulations) to sell. information is confidential and is never shared with outside parties nor is it ever used for promotional reasons
  • store credit is now redeemable at all stores
  • please do not take offense if we cannot purchase your items, we can't make money unless we purchase the clothes you bring in, so if we can buy it, we will!

when to sell + how much to bring

  • we buy 7 days a week.  
  • we stop buying 1/2 hour before store closing. same day assessment near closing time may not be possible depending on wait times. we want all of your re-sellable merchandise, however, at this time we can accept no more than 50 items per visit.

want to know prices? live outside nyc and/or can’t make it to our stores?

yes, we will donate your items

  • items not selected for resale, including the bag that they were brought in, will be donated to charity if not picked up by the customer on the same day that they are dropped off.
  • we regret that we cannot store dropped off items for a longer period of time, however, this is due to the large volume of clothing that we receive on a daily basis.
  • all items not selected for resale can be donated to charity as a service to our customers, and proceeds will both benefit charity and pay for beacon's related operational expenses.
our list of charities