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the adventures of ni luh (firstborn) and ketut (fourth born) - kelingking beach

our creative producer aisha circles the big blue marble for family, friends, food and fun 

malaysia, indonesia and melbourne
purpose of the journey: world husband tour
never travel around the without palo santo and or copal - good vibes!
a favorite outfit you packed: mostly in bikinis
how many pairs of shoes: 3: slides, sneakers, and boots
what were you listening to gamelan  
favorite meal: jidah’s (grandmother’s) cooking 
a highlight of the trip: swimming with a squadron of manta rays in the indian ocean 

limestone headland reaching out into the indian ocean, nusa penida 

tanah lot (land in the sea) - historical hindu temple + iconic pilgrimage site

my jidah on her 86th birthday and her house (where my mom grew up) 

the rice fields behind our house in ubud 

ferry ride to nusa penida. kl sentral train station heading to penang 

cute cousins 

queensland king bottle tree and 'coversation' by herbert flugelman at pt leo estate on the mornington peninsula, australia

outdoor showering in pucci, ubud

baddie of the ramayana - kecak or fire dance, uluwatu temple

a majestic manta 

hanuman a hindu deity and the incarnation of lord shiva - kecak dance

natural rock arch at tanah lot

canang sari - daily offerings to the gods. this one includes coffee, cigarettes, rice egg, mint and more 

pool and paddy fields, ubud

rafting the ayung river, ubud

barong - king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good. cutie/ex beaconeer <3

birfday boy in melbourne 


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