please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
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bipoc creatives: munglassy

bipoc creatives: munglassy


tell us about yourself and the type of work you do. i am munglassy, originally from atlanta, ga now based out of harlem nyc. my vision is to innovate the arts by sharing my perspective on what the future of high fashion photography looks like. i value inclusion; i cast a wider net of talent and picture beauty in all forms. i don't believe in standard size, quota fillers, and blindly following trends. i prioritize authenticity within my artistry and i seek that out with the individuals that i choose to work with.

what inspires you? strangely, i'm often inspired by pain. hard lessons, and sad endings fuel a lot of my momentum to continue creating. the idea that i can take something and speak for it in my own way & and know what i create actually holds significant value. this means everything to me and deeply inspires me.

tell us about your journey as a creative.. my journey as a creative hasn't been easy. lots of falling and getting back up. my love for the craft and obsession with my vision are what allow me to prevail and continue to elevate. i moved to nyc a year ago and have already built strong relationships and learned so much.

what or who is currently influencing your work? i'm inspired/influenced by rafael pavarotti and chrisean rose. i’ve been able to have a little insight into both of their stores and how they've built their art from the ground up to something so recognizable, profound, and new. 

how did you first get interested in photography? i started out with an interest in modeling which led me to pick up the camera and shoot. though, one thing that keeps me interested in the field is my awareness of the lack of diversity in fashion. i want to be a part of the movement that solidifies inclusivity for the future.


what is a style/trend that is exciting for you right now? i love the sorta reverse vignette images popping up in a lot of modern high fashion editorials. the faded yet bold colors, paired with a contour wardrobe and a diverse cast just does it for me. 

what’s next in terms of your career goals? i'll be shooting more for magazines and implementing more quality control in my paid model testing work. my goal right now is to be on and to shoot memorable images for clothing brands that inspire me. 


photography and styling exclusively from model portfolio testing work 


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