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c note style with carol carlovich

c note style with carol carlovich

carol carlovich is serving dora the explorer for this shopping budget challenge

brazilian pr and fashion journalist carol carlovich is serving dora the explorer for this shopping budget challenge.   

describe your style

lately, that's been a tough one to answer. i'd say my style as of late has been quite affected by mood swings and a constant desire to experiment. a lot of my current personal style is built around a curation of inspiring people, places, and unique pieces i stumble upon in both new york and são paulo, the cities i'm based in. there are lots of girly, romantic silhouettes going on for me now, which i usually like to juxtapose with unexpected accessories, sometimes heavy and masculine, others sporty and simply odd. i guess what i'm aiming for right now in terms of style is controversy, like "why do all these pieces work together even though they shouldn't?"


carol carlovich posing in the middle of the street


what inspires your style? 

people, places, and unique pieces. i consume a lot of references on the internet for my work but also living between two thrilling, amazing cities keeps me on edge and challenges me to try different things every day. my friends also inspire me a lot. i'm lucky to have the coolest people around me.


what was the inspiration behind this look? 

i'm very into skirts lately and when i spotted this one at beacons i knew i wanted my look to be built around it. it's very summery and flowy so i thought it'd be cool to try and come up with an outfit that did not go in that obvious direction because i wanted to challenge myself. that's when the sporty, ski-like jacket came in perfectly. i love the blue and red together and the combo with the hat gives the look a whole new wintery perspective.


carol carlovich is serving dora the explorer for this shopping budget challenge



earliest fashion memory?  

i wouldn't say it's the earliest but definitely one of the dearest ones i have is knitting scarves for myself and my family. i learned how to knit with my granny because i had an eye condition that required me to use an eye patch while practicing a high-attention activity and as it turned out, i grew to love it. i remember asking my mom for different yarns and experimenting with them. my favorite thing that i knitted was a blue headscarf that i would pair with a yellow top and feel like the coolest girl in the entire world.



carol carlovich sitting on a bench


what's your strategy when shopping at beacons? 

have time on your hands and be open to trying things. when shopping vintage, i feel like i have two very different moods: i either have something specific i'm already looking for in mind or i go all in with the dora-the-explorer mode. with the latter approach, i really try to keep an open mind and try the pieces that caught my eye even if i can't quite explain why. at beacons specifically, i feel like i can go either way and always have an amazing time.


skirt: $14.95 / jacket: $34.95 / hat: $19.95 / sunglasses $24.95
total: $94.80
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