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blaire blowing a kiss at the camera.

c note style with blaire ludwig

blaire ludwig in vintage two piece and bag


artist and hair stylist blaire ludwig blossoms with spring in this shopping budget challenge. 


describe your style: my style changes according to my lifestyle, but the through line has always been a love of mixing patterns, textures, and vintage clothing to create an eclectic dated yet also somehow timeless look.


blaire ludwig posing in hallway in vintage two piece and bag


what was the inspiration behind this look: i saw this matching set and knew *this* was the one! i absolutely cannot pass up a matching set. also, my fave color right now is green, so it fits in well with my spring aesthetic. in the spring i pretty much exclusively wear 70’s fashion.


blaire ludwig posing in hallway in vintage two piece and bag


what meaning do clothes have for you: i look at dressing myself as a small daily act of art. i organize my closet by ~vibe~ so i can easily put together an outfit when i don’t have much time but still want to infuse my day w creativity. also, clothing is important to my outward-facing identity- the self i want to share with the world. i use it as a way to flag queerness and weirdness, in order to attract like-minded ppl.


blaire ludwig posing in hallway in vintage two piece and bag


what are some of the most important things in your closet: i have a few dresses that are over 100 years old. i think it’s so wild- still wearing and caring for an article of clothing that has been around for so long. i feel very lucky to have acquired such pieces through thrifting!

what’s your strategy for shopping at beacons: i do a once-through- hitting up the sections and colors that i’m drawn to at the moment. then i try on, then i do another once through, broadening my color/style categories. after trying on all the clothes, i go through the shoes, bags and accessories. also, if i can find time in my schedule, i like to go often so i can see all the cool new stuff coming through. i usually bring clothes to sell and always opt for store credit. i love a circular economy!!!


blaire ludwig blowing camera a kiss


vintage two-piece: $64.95 / purse: $14.95 / sunnies: $14.50
total: $94.40

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