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c-note style with cristina ferruci

c-note style with cristina ferruci

in this shopping budget challenge artist cristina ferucci channels nostalgia and composes a cute set for $25 


describe your style:

i am a total fiend for colors. i love to stand out and am attracted to clothing that catches my eye in a room full of clutter. 



what inspires your style?

i am very much influenced by 70s and 80s fashion. i love clothing that can portray movement, so fun sleeves & flared pants are always a go to. 



what was your inspo behind this look?

channeling nostalgia as i love to do, the pink plaid pants brought me back (as if i have ever been) to the 80s. i love the rough around the edges, yet sweet to the core vibes this glam rock-inspired look gives. reminds me clothes are for fun and self-expression and nothing is too serious. 



what are some of the special things in your closet?

i love nothing more than to match every accessory perfectly with my outfit..nothing feels better than some excellent color coordination (am i right??). my grandma gave me some of her old purses from the 70s-90s. they are in incredible shape and i love getting to give them a new life and think of her as i wear them. 



what in current fashion is exciting for you?

i am very much vibing with the mix and match pattern trend. limiting which colors or patterns go with what squashes an opportunity to create a truly unique and expressive look.



what is your strategy when shopping at beacons closet?

i go in with an open mind and let the colors and patterns guide my eye through the racks.



cropped shirt: $10.95 / pants: $13.95
total spent $24.90


 check out cristina's new song 'comfy' out in may 
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photographer @letfrzz

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