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c-note style with diego

c-note style with diego


peruvian fashion killer diego builds looks around key pieces, textures and simplicity. check out the look our southern hemisphere friend put together for under $100 in this edition of c-note style.



how would you describe your style right now?

i like to mix it up. one day i can be wearing an insanely bejeweled suit and the next day you can find me in sweatpants and a hoodie.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot? 

textures and simplicity. i love wearing all black and denim but the pieces I pulled have different textures and shapes. it is hot as hell in peru right now so i gravitated towards a summer look.


how did you first get interested in clothes?

fashion is an art. my grandma was the best-dressed person i’ve ever met and she introduced me.


what in current fashion is exciting you?

anything shiny, and textures and animal prints


what's your strategy when shopping at beacons?

if i'm composing a whole look i always find a key piece and then add simpler things to it. in this case, everything started with the pants, and i built an outfit around them.




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