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diptych of dj whitney portrait wearing vintage top and drop earrings and dj whitney standing in nyc subway.

c-note style with dj whitney


diptych of dj whitney portrait in vintage top and and dj whitney in leather mini skirt, vintage top in nyc subway station.

dj whitney heads to beacons when she’s looking for unique pieces to wear to her gigs. an advocate for women in music she became source life radio’s first female deejay. in this budget challenge she puts together not one but two complete looks for under $100. go girl!

how did you first get interested in djing?

i was a radio host at source life radio and became inspired by the deejays around me. there was a lack of female deejays representing the station at the time. one night i was out at webster hall and nicole of nina sky was spinning (someone i’ve admired since i was a kid). that night something clicked and i told myself that’s what i wanted to do. from that day forward, i hustled my a$$ off and made it happen, becoming source life radio’s first female deejay.

diptych of model leaning against nyc subway column with poster background and upper angle of model touching their hair.


how would you describe your style?

girly tomboy? you’ll typically find me in all black with what some would say is too much gold jewelry. i’d dress like a little boy in heels every day if i could.

what clothes do you tend to gravitate towards when shopping for your gigs?

anything black. also, i love layering and prefer items that are breathable so that when i get warmed up i can stay cool and comfortable.  


diptych of dj whitney leaning against metal gate in camo jacket, crop top and dj whitney inside nyc bodega with 'bud light' neon sign.

what’s your strategy when shopping at beacon’s?

beacon’s is a dream! they have everything, right down to accessories, so you have to give yourself enough time to file through a little bit of each rack. once you have several things you like, go try them on in the dressing rooms and weed out what fits well and what can go. then repeat!!


diptych of dj whitney in front of metal rolling gate in camo jacket, crop top and dj whitney leaning back on metal gate.

outfit 1
floral 70’s blouse - $13.95 / zara woman black leather skirt - $8.95 / yellow ball earrings -$6.95

outfit 2
brandblack los angeles cropped pant - $18.95 / tommy jeans camo jacket - $34.95 / tully lou sports bra - $15.95  

total $99.70



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photos by @teemonee


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