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nicky ottav in 'boom', 'bam' powerpuff girls graphic leotard and painted skeleton face leaning on fence and nicky ottav talking on cell phone.

c-note style with nicky ottav

 artist and entertainer nicky ottav dreams to life a kawaii skeletor for this halloween inspired shopping challenge

what was the inspiration behind your costume?

the month of october is my favorite time of the year for obvious reasons. i basically dress up as if it were halloween 24/7, 365 days a year and october just feels like an extra excuse to do wild, nonsensical looks carefree. i'm not usually one for being 'someone' or 'something' from pop culture, i like to mix up themes and come up with something 'spooky' and with a nicky twist. i tried to apply that with this look that i'm going to call kawaii skeletor. equal parts cute and spooky ooky ooky.


how would you describe your style right now?

right now i'm really going out primarily in drag and loving dressing for shows! so as always i'm into bright colors, neons, and allover print outfits. i love two pieces with flared pants and tie-up crops. i love everything disco so bell bottoms and leotards are my vibe currently. again, i all about being loud and fun, inviting people in with my looks that reflect my energy.


nicky ottav in 'boom', 'bam' powerpuff girls graphic leotard and painted skeleton face leaning on fence and nicky ottav talking on cell phone.

what in current fashion is exciting you?

i'm so happy that fashion is embracing saturated colors and campiness. nowadays i don't just have to look to the moschino runway to see cartoon references, total camp outfits, and costumey clothes. you see it in collections all the way from smaller houses like palomo spain and vaquera all the way up to the blonds, gcds, gucci, and yes, also moschino. i guess i just love that it seems fun, funny, playful. that's what always excites me in fashion!

what’s your strategy when shopping at beacons?

today my strategy, as usual, is to scan the whole floor without any idea of what i'm looking for, so i can find the pieces! i pull everything off the racks i can see myself rocking and then try it all on and see what works. i narrow down my selections into the things i just can't live without, and those i can. i'm all for shopping til you drop but i like keeping my closet only full with pieces i want to own for the rest of time, because especially in new york your closet is limited to the amount of space you can cram your wardrobe into. i'll go around again and see if i missed anything just in case!


diptych nicky ottav in wig and leotard with 'pow', 'bam' text and nicky ottav holding onto cap.
unknown belt  $8.95 / unknown bag $14.95 / madcapz hat $8.95 / cartoon network x sugarbird leotard $15.95 / unknown glasses $14.95
total: $63.75



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photos by @jo.disco

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