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sable wong in embroidered top and mini skirt leaning against mantel.

c-note style with sable yong

sable yong in floral dress holding onto railing draped with clothes.

beauty editor and writer, sable yong, puts together not one but three looks for under $ wonder she won ‘best dressed’ in high school!

how did you first get interested in clothes?

i was always a bit interested in clothes since i was a kid – my mom was a clothing designer and would make me little replicas of chanel skirt suits or something very grown-up-fashionable to the early 90s for picture day in elementary school or events and stuff. she never allowed me to buy the logo mall-store clothes my peers were wearing, opting instead to make something or find something more unique, which i hated back then, but it made me pretty creative with sartorial choices. i remember cutting up t-shirts and frankenstein-ing other clothes together to make my own outfits in junior high and high school. i was kind of teased for having weird style but then oddly won that “best dressed” superlative in my high school yearbook, which didn't actually mean anything other than confusing my teenage self.

sable yong in embroidered top and mini skirt leaning on mantel with decorative items and mirror.


what in current fashion is exciting you?

i guess the fact that individualism is so “in” now is exciting. it allows me to morph into any mood i feel like or want to appear — kind of like theater but street theater. i’m really into wider-leg pants because my thighs were punished all throughout that whole skinny-jean craze in the early aughts, to be honest. also shopping on instagram! i find a lot of cool stuff that way, even though i’m well aware i’m being advertised to. well, it works.

how would you describe your style right now?

right now i’m moving out of the all black minimalism thing and very much into incorporating more feminine swishy things into my wardrobe. and textures! i’m not crazy about prints honestly but i love a good rich texture. i’m really into what i like to call a carefree rich girl aesthetic, sometimes referred to as the sophisticated thot. why not, it’s summer.

sable yong in floral mini dress applying lipstick in front of mirror.

what’s your strategy when shopping at beacon’s?

i always go for the dress racks first at beacons. i eye the racks and pick at colors or textures  that catch my eye. i mean, i know that when i go i have to have energy to paw through all those racks so i always try and have some sort of hands-free purse and comfortable shoes to slip in and out of to try on shoes. most of the time when i’m going i’m selling things too, so it’s a nice leisurely perusal while i’m waiting for my bags to be examined.

sable yong sitting on bed in lace crop top and denim mini skirt.


sable's beacons finds:
black floral dress - reformation, 24.95 ; mules - apostrophe, $21.95
blue cheongsam top - vintage, $12.95  
blue shift dress - vintage, $21.95  
black denim mini skirt - topshop, $14.95


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