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diptych sam diorr in flame shirt in front of 'billy' reid store and sam diorr holding onto metal fence.

c note style with sam diorr

sam diorr holding onto metal fence outside 'billy reid' store.

artist sam diorr puts together a fiery look for under $100 in this edition of #cnotestyle

what inspires your style?

my style is inspired by different eras of fashion, my friends, colors and shapes.

what or who is currently influencing your style?

carrie bradshaw always! her outfits were so different and unconventional.

what meaning do clothes have for you?

clothes give me the freedom to be whoever i want to be. from one day to the next i can be someone new, all depending on my mood.

earliest fashion memory?

going to the mall with my mom as a kid and hating it because we would shop for shoes for hours. now, of course, i wish i had the time to do that.

what's your strategy when shopping at beacons?

when shopping at beacons i make sure to hit every section. no matter if it’s in the men’s or women’s department; i never limit my options. with so much variety, i can’t help but look at everything.


sam diorr in front of 'billy reid' store windows.


j.crew pants $21.95 / sweatshirt $7.95 / flame top $17.95
total: $47.85


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