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diptych of tangina stone in '{reads]' cap and fur coat and in denim overalls leaning against graffitied wall.

c-note style with tangina stone

tangina stone in denim overalls and fur coat in front of tiled wall.

dreamy r&b artivist tangina stone has been heralded as a universal breath of fresh air. gracing our blog, she opens up about her debut album and big year ahead.


diptych of tangina stone's upper body in '{reads]' cap and fur coat and in denim overalls leaning against graffitied wall.

what’s the inspiration behind your new album elevate?

i was thinking a lot about my life and my journey. about the next version of myself, and what i needed to do to become her. i wanted to elevate. elevation requires separation. i had to separate from toxicity, the weight of my personal trauma, the hindrances of mental illness, and the discouraging feelings that used to take over when i would examine my identity as a queer black woman in america.

how would you describe your style right now?

i would describe my style as a mix of tomboy, grunge and vintage feels.


diptych of tangina stone in '{reads]' cap and denim overalls in front of graffitied wall with 'verunda' writing and tangina stone portrait in sunglasses with tile background.


female r&b artists are on the rise. what’s on your table for 2018?

i am up to a ton of exciting stuff this year. i am doing some brand partnerships, releasing a collaborative ep and working on my second album. i just locked in a sponsorship with spirit airlines and will be touring the us, japan and europe. my tour dates kick off as an official sxsw performer. this year is going to be quite the ride and i can't wait!

what's your strategy when shopping at beacon's?

when shopping at beacons i always gravitate towards statement pieces that i can wear with at least three different outfits. i pick pieces that people will remember no matter how i wear them with an outfit.

diptych of tangina stone in fur coat on city street and tangina stone portrait in '{reads}' cap.

acid wash levi’s overalls $18.95 / doc martens $44.95 / “reads” hat by unknown $10.95 / charlton black shades $17.95 / moon earrings $8.00
total: $100.80


listen to elevate

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photos by @teemonee

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