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diptych yên profile portrait featuring earrings and barrettes and yên leaning against wall in draped dress.

c-note style with yên nguyen

fashion and clothing has helped yên embrace their truth, and live their best life. in this budget challenge, yên composes a stunning holiday party inspired look for under $100.

diptych yên profile pose with elevated arms and yên three-quarter angle angle in draped dress.

describe your style..
strong sexy femme queen goddess!

what or who is currently influencing your style?
my amazing queer trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary community because they’re so fearless and so unapologetically them. it’s so liberating and freeing to be surrounded by such positive and nurturing energy. so they've really inspired me to just be the most and best of me.

diptych yên three-quater profile and yên posing with two-tone background.


what meaning do clothes have for you?
as cliché as it sounds, clothing is seriously everything to me! fashion has been such a huge component to my rebirth/gender identity revelation. it helped me learn to embrace my truth, feel my oats, and just live my best life. it fuels my day and provides me with a bright light for the current dark state of the world. it is my armor but also my vulnerability. my clothes are my literal babies and i honestly don’t know who or where i’d be right now if they didn’t exist. probably somewhere miserable and boring. clothing is such a powerful medium that so many people underestimate.

what in current fashion is exciting you?
the dismantling of gender norms for clothes. people need to realize that clothes are just clothes and can be worn by whoever wants to wear them. clothes have no gender.  

diptych yên action shot in sleeveless dress and yên dramatic profile pose.

what's your strategy when shopping at beacons?

go in without any expectations, otherwise, you will just end up leaving disappointed! go in with an open mind! i typically never “plan” to go to beacons closet and usually let it be an organic and spontaneous decision. like oh there’s beacons! let me go take a quick gander kind of thing. which usually then leads to me walking out with something.



body language dress $15.95 / stella mccartney shoes $29.95 / moschino scarf $16.95 / unknown earrings $10.50

total: $73.35

photos by allison lippy
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