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catapult for charity: dana vaccarelli x border angels

our third limited edition pairing features artist dana vaccarelli with proceeds going to border angels.

abstract collage design of new tote bag.

border angels also known as angeles de la frontera is a non profit organization focused on migrant rights and immigration reform. serving san diego county through outreach programs, legal assistance, and providing life-saving assistance for migrants in remote mountain and desert border regions of the san diego and imperial counties of california.  

dana vacarelli
is a multifaceted artist. residing in brooklyn, dana is also a manager at beacon's closet! 


abstract mobile designs.


what was the inspiration behind your design for the tote?
i was inspired by my last visit to the met lately i've been drawn to ancient pottery designs and sculpture busts.


why did you choose border angels as the charity to partner with on this collaboration?
it feels like a very necessary cause to support in this current climate.


paper cut out earrings.


tell us about the art you are currently working on or any future projects.
i've been working on art pieces that can be worn as clothing for an upcoming photo shoot with my friend delcey. i’ve also been making large paper earrings that move and twist, sort of like mobiles.


more paper cut out earrings.


100% of proceeds from sales of these totes are donated to border angels.


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