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still life of hands in bracelets with glass of wine and cherries.

ciudad de espejos

model in blazer and calamari earring.
alcama earring 

in honor of international women’s day we feature the badass designers behind bold, sexy, cool jewelry line ciudad de espejos...adorn your wrist to raise your fist.

model in striking eye liner modeling earring.

loutra earring

as a dynamic duo whats
your workflow like?

dana vaccarelli: we work really well as a design duo. one of us will draw a little sketch that resembles a calamari, a bent bobbi pin, a twirled up strand of spaghetti, or a sea creature etc. then our little sketch gets rendered and sent off to be cast. we get inspired by mediterranean food, aquatic life, and tropical vegetation.  

ibiza delaney: we’re also really inspired by architecture and the metal itself. the way light reflects against silver reminds me of the way the sun bounces off glass buildings. i think it actually feels beautiful to wear pieces that make light dance in this way.

diptych of model showing necklace and earrings featuring orchids.

lionni pendant necklace / 
ninfa earring

how do you want someone to feel when they wear a piece of CDE?

dana: bold, sexy, cool. we like to design jewelry that can stand on its own and be the focal point of a look. there’s also a sense of humor about our pieces - they are meant to evoke a fun and laid back glamour.

ibiza: i think each piece has its own personality. like, the ninfa and alcama earrings are the funny girls. the loutra earrings, being very floral in shape, are a bit more feminine. the elati earrings definitely make a statement.

still life of hands in bracelets with glass of wine and cherries.

marsa & madama bangle

what are your plans for the coming future?

dana: we are constantly developing new shapes. we are excited to introduce some rings and more pendant necklaces.
ibiza: yes! we’ve been working on ring designs for a while now.

profile of model in earring.

elati earring

what are your favorite pieces?

dana: my fav styles are the lionni pendant necklace, and the alcama earring.
ibiza: i fall in love with every new design we make. i love how floral the loutra earrings are. although, right now i’m really feeling our new oliva studs as an everyday earring.

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