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club glam

club glam

balenciaga boots and the west hollywood purple sky 

artist and it girl dese escobar brings people together! with 8 pairs of shoes she jets west for a club glam pop up

destination: los angeles

purpose of journey: working on a new collaboration and a pop up club glam party

never travel without: makeup, heels and a little black dress

favorite outfit you packed: balenciaga thigh high spandex boots

how many pairs of shoes: 8

what are you listening to: bazzi - beautiful, justin bieber - friends, lauv - i like me better, pretty much - teacher

favorite meal: in-n-out

highlight of the trip: malibu, glam, and the 4 night stay at sunset tower


taking pics for my crushes

my custom mini me doll and one last selfie with my friend octave the night before he left back to paris.

sunset hotel room service with my favorite photographer dillon and in-n-out with my favorite dj bebe


follow dese @1inamilli0nangel

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