please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
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triptych of up cycled things.

creative reuse

triptych featuring black magic woman and their wears.

in honor of earth day we celebrate some of our friends who are creatively reusing old or discarded materials to invent new and beautiful things!


elizabeth sanzari

fiber artist elizabeth sanzari creates all her work from vintage materials or discarded fabrics. she makes wall hangings, pillows, curtains, and other experimental pieces. by using scraps her work has very little environmental impact. recently, she collaborated with a small business called the junkyard co.

hanging macrame pieces.
detail of collage wall piece.
patchwork cushion.
three hanging macrame wall hangings.


jarae holieway

bringing a splash of sass to your fashion world jarae reconstructs vintage hardware into versatile pieces to accent your everyday wardrobe. inspired by the gaudy 80’s and 90’s aesthetic jarae creates accent pieces for you to feel fancy in.

black magic woman collage.

chain bum bag details.

money bagz chain w/ pack

custom versace belt detail.

"she versace?" chain

tweety pouch bag on chain detail.

   tweety bag chain

key ring with aligator detail.

alligator chain 

photos by: jeffrey goritz
styled by: blake glover 

corduroy shop

chrisie at corduroy shop is passionate about mending time-worn textiles and finding a new and bold place for them on chairs, sofas, pillows and occasionally apparel. things get redone, reimagined, reconstructed, ​revitalized and returned to utter glory with a modern sensitivity!

corduroy shop

bench, cushion and wall details.
diptych of up cycled chair and cushion.
up-cycled chair detail.


beacon’s closet embraces sustainability and ethical business practices. reduce, reuse, recycle; shop second hand. make earth day everyday! 

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