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fly away to malibu

aisha from our greenpoint store is west coast bound with some of her favorite beachy beacon's finds. california dream through the sun-drenched sands of malibu in simmering styles. 


aisha gunnell in white snow camouflage jacket in malibu


this is a military surplus mens snow camouflage coat. at first i thought it was a rain jacket but it’s not quite rainproof. the instructions say, “wear over your parka.” i was inspired by a july editorial in french vogue with karlie kloss where she’s on the beach and everything is really simple and monochromatic. she’s wearing a similar item and there’s one shot from behind where it’s just flowing in the wind.

sunglasses, wildfox.


aisha gunnell in black bikini fringe shawl, bag and hat in malibu


this is an american apparel swimsuit. i’ve had this vintage shawl for forever. the sunhat is cheap monday. it’s shorter in the back so even though the rest of the brim is like 5 inches wide at the front and side, it doesn’t feel as obnoxious if you’re wearing it on the train or something and you want to lean back. i think that’s a cool design.



aisha in brown bikini top and silver bottoms on beach
this is one of my favorite bathing suits. it’s really simple and clean. i like that it looks like you’re almost wearing nothing. these mirrored sunglasses by wildfox make such a statement. you can look hungover or terrible but if you just throw on a pair of huge sunglasses, your outfit is good to go!
bathing suit, dolce and gabbana.


aisha gunnell in eres bikini raybans and turban


this eres swimsuit is not something you can wear if you’re actually trying to swim! it’s more of a “laying out” swimsuit. the turban is originally a dollar store do-rag. i love the color and texture and it looks so much more expensive than it was. these ray-ban sunglasses were the first sunglasses i bought from beacon's. my sister stole them from me but she let me wear them again for the shoot!

photos by: patrick robertson
writing by: julia popescu


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