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model posing with wine glass in front.

greenpoint holiday party 2019

our greenpointers mingle at their annual holiday party at guadalupe inn drinks, food and looks were served with tunes courtesy of @n3wh3ro.

dressed all in red, employee poses with left hand raised, floral pattern at background.

employee posing with wine glass in front.

employee posing with hand behind head, slightly smiling.

employee posing with intertwined arms and tattoos.

duo posing, one holding a photo and a drink.

aisha posing with hand in hat, floral wallpaper background.

Person smiling, hands near waist, and brick wall backdrop.

person posing with hand at forehead, neon flare effect, and floral wallpaper in the background.

delcey wearing a cowboy outfit, hands in their pockets, slightly smiling.

close up of delcey posing with hands on hat.

duo smiling, one holding a drink.

employee holding drink in spontaneous moment.

duo posing side by side - one sitting, the other standing with arm around their neck.

duo in dresses, posing.

person with hand on waist, smiling with high energy, dj in the background.

trio posing side by side, one with tongue sticking out

person posing for the camera, two people distracted in the background.

person smiling to the camera, posing with long gold nails.

duo posing in a artistic way.

person posing with slightly open mouth.

happy holidays!
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