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diptych of two images showcasing abstract photography and stunning styling.

hallie neely et co x beacons closet

model posing with poncho jacket and button up shirt.

brooklyn based photographer hallie neely gathered her besties for a fun shoot at pier59 studios. all the looks featured were found at beacons! 


model posing in mixed prints and scarf.

model posing in bright colors with arms over head.

detail of mixed print pants worn on interlocking legs.
still life of pants and snake skin shoes on model bent over.
portrait of model in vest and sunglasses on a roof.

picture of model taking off dress, dress over head.
two models in striped looks.
detail of seated torse with lace bra over shirt.
portrait of model with a striking lip.
detail of waist two models hugging eachother.

two models seated amongst foliage.



producer - hallie neely
production assistant - danielle krulik
photographer - hallie neely
photo assistant - natalie larkowski
digital tech - dylan macdonald
stylists / makeup - isabella textores, julia purcell
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