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a person posing with a pink popsicle.

land of eternal spring

a person wearing a hat and sunglasses sitting on a stone wall.
thinking about my next meal

allyson celebrates the holidays with family and loved ones in guatemala. the captivating trip also commemorates her completion of school..forever! 

destination: guatemala

purpose of journey: celebrate christmas with family; celebrate finishing school . . . forever

never travel without: pedialyte

favorite outfit you packed: one of my prized possessions - a vintage comme des garçons pastel checkered asymmetrical skirt

how many pairs of shoes: 3; purple doc marten oxfords, comme des garçons converse, vagabond platform boots that i did not end up wearing because comfort

what were you listening to: lots of reggaeton

favorite meal: pepían, a traditional guatemalan soup made with peppers, veggies, meat, pumpkin seeds, etc. - think a spicier and more savory version of traditional mole.

highlight of the trip: waking up at 3:30 in the morning to hike up a mountain half asleep and watch the sunrise with the person that i love

two pictures of a person standing on the steps of a ruined building.
la recolección; ruins of a church, monastery from the 1700’s

two pictures: a chair with a milk bottles, and drying out corn.

but i’m lactose intolerant / drying out corn to feed the chickens

chips and pan dulce.
check my youtube channel for in depth reviews on guatemala’s chip game / pan dulce

a person sitting on the ground in a colorful skirt.
blending in

two pictures: a wall in beige and red, and a barber shop.

passenger views / the only relevant barber shop tbh

two pictures of people posing in front of a wall.
antigua / ezra <3

two pictures of a building, and a lake with volcano in the background.
quetzaltenango / sunrise views in san pedro la laguna, volcanoes off in the distance

two  pictures of a person in red pants holding a paleta
just me and my paleta

two pictures: a woman sitting at a table with a coca cola bottle, and a woman showing your t-shirt.
mi abuela / i asked my grandma who is on her shirt, but she didn’t know

a person standing in front of a wall with christmas decorations.

pine needles sprinkled on the floor for christmas


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