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julia posing next to carpet at market.

magic carpet ride

beacon’s buyer/blogger julia explores the bohemian paradise of tangiers, morocco. she shops the souks and captures their kaleidoscope of colors. see her rock the casbah, below.

julia standing next to carpet in a carpet shopping.

carpet-shopping in the casbah

 destination: tangiers, morocco.

purpose of journey: it’s been a life-long dream to see tangiers. all my favorites found inspiration here-yves saint laurent, paul bowles, the rolling stones. it’s known for being a bit of a salty city, and i love dark corners.

never travel without: an evil eye bracelet that i carry for protection. it wards off any bad vibes. and the evil eye is a common motif in morocco so it’s actually very fitting!

favorite outfit you packed: i welcome any opportunity to wear a headscarf so i packed 5 for the occasion of visiting the arabic world, where ladies have to keep covered (lest i get the evil eye!).

how many pairs of shoes: 3. platform robert clergeries and nikes go with everything. but my platform slip-ons didn't make a single appearance.  not good for negotiating the steep hills of the casbah.

favorite souvenir: i’d always wanted a piece of vintage berber jewelry. i found a really special headpiece from the 60s, and though i can’t imagine an occasion i’ll have to wear it, i love it and it fills me with joy.

what are you listening to: the guest house had antique radios in every room all tuned in to a german station that played colonial-era jazz and blues. all the sights, sounds and smells in tangiers make you feel like life isn’t all that different from 70 years ago.

favorite meal: tagine, a slow-cooked stew that i ate every day, everywhere. it’s the national dish.

highlight of the trip: i was looking for a place to eat when i accidentally ended up at the one restaurant in the whole city on my to-do list. a little seafood joint with like 10 names run by this sweet and eccentric moroccan man (the saveur de poisson, or restaurant populare, or popeye's, to name a few.) the food was amazing but the best part was at the end of our feast “popeye” wordlessly beckoned me to the back room. i followed him to the back where at once he thrust over my head a vintage 60s caftan. i’ll never know why he bestowed such a special gift to me-maybe he spotted me as a fashionista? or was concerned i wasn't dressed modestly enough? anyway, it was the perfect memento for my magical time in morocco.


traditional moroccan shoes in updated prints

traditional shoes in updated prints


all-blue mountain town.

chefchaouen, an all-blue mountain town a few hours outside tangiers. nick-named “the blue pearl” in yogic tradition, kundelini practictioners in a deep meditation may experience a vision of the blue pearl when their third eye is open

view of the sea of gibraltar, leaves slightly covering the view.

view of the sea of gibraltar from the guest house

wall hangings line the inside of an antique shop.

wall hangings line the inside of an antique shop

colorful powdered dyes in bags.

powdered dyes

view of white wall house structure, blue sky in the background.

that sky! no filter

traditional shop with pillows on the floor/rugs.

a shop in the souk

julia posing at stairs with hand-loomed throw.

behold, my new hand-loomed throw

a shop with blue wall and antiques.

a shop in chefchaouen

top-down angle of house with stairs, birdcage in the corner.

inside the guesthouse. that's a bird in a birdcage in the corner

julia in a full body shot, posing with hands on waist.

my new caftan, care of popeye

julia wearing a turban in a fabric store.

the second time some local tried to dress me

cat lying on colorful chair.

cats are everywhere and so are enticing tapestries

julia posing in full body shot with blue door in the back.


julia lying down with their head resting on pillow, next to a huge painting on the wall.

whew! reclining on my new hand-loomed throw after a long day in the souks

flower graffiti at traditional house.

la vie en tangiers

full body shot of julia posing in front a traditional gate.

palace garden

julia smiling wearing a headpiece.

my first piece of berber jewelry! the headpiece

close up of purse with evil eye inlay.

my new purse (or wall hanging, more likely) with an evil eye inlay


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