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beacon's partners and managers group smiling, hands raised, and high energy.

merriment for managers

beacon's partners and managers group smiling, some of them with hands raised, and high energy.

beacon's partners + managers representing all 4 locations

last week partners and managers celebrated our 20th anniversary with an executive kiki. hosted in the back room of our original location, now,
the bedford. savory bites from the kitchen and signature cocktails from the bar were a delight. size up our staff on this landmark occasion! 


cindy and carrie close to each other, posing.

partners that make it work - cindy & carrie

group of partners sitting at couch, smiling.

carrie & store partners

greenpoint team sitting and posing, tables in front with a lit candle and drinks.

team greenpoint

park slope team sitting and posing, smiling.

team park slope

manhattan team posing, smiling.

team manhattan

bushwick team posing, smiling.

team bushwick

online team posing, smiling.

online team

people smiling, people walking in the background.


people posing at table with drinks and food.


people smiling, holding drinks.

people smiling, bar in the background.

above angle of duo smiling.


people holding drinks, smiling.
group of people posing.
duo posing, person smiling in the background.

duo posing with drinks, bar in the background.

trio posing with drinks on table, above angle.


trio posing with their drinks.
duo smiling, holding drinks with drink menu in the background.

trio posing, holding their drinks - bar in the background.
duo posing, looking to each other.


snapshot of three people talking.
trio smiling for the camera, table with drinks and food.

duo close to each other, a person smiling away, another person staring at the camera.


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