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midnight snack - styled by lucy

midnight snack - styled by lucy

comedian (and greenpoint buyer) lucy approaches her style with a sense of humor. while she showcases her quirk and wit in her clothes, her humor is really why we feel tickled.

describe your style.

briefly: plastic, nachos, cryptocurrency, garden magic, windows 97, broken toys, fake dior, the dark crystal, knickknacks, old dolls, prophetic dreams, flaming hot cheetos, that meme of the kid wearing the sonic costume, anime, stock photo models, that thing of when you turn off the tv but the screen still feels all staticky, sobe lifewater, mary-kate olson (the early work), party favor catalogues, magical schoolgirls, factory defects, baba yaga, mysterious swamps, florists with a secret.

you are a comedian. where does your drive to tell jokes come from?

all jokes come from a deep, deep well that lies in a clearing in the big forest. the well is guarded by these creatures that are a hybrid of insect and man. to get to the well you have to beat them in a battle of wits and sometimes also a game of uno. once you get to the well, you pull and pull for hours to haul up one joke. jokes are very heavy but very small, like a dying star. that is because they’re evil.

most embarrassing fashion moment?

definitely the time my bobby flay fan club t-shirt accidentally got permanently fused with my skin. so embarrassing!


lucy hosts an open mic called skaters only every friday at over the eight bar in williamsburg at 6:30pm.

follow @lucytownusa on twitter, instagram or match with her on okcupid.


photos by rachel etigson
interview by julia popescu

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