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person standing in the middle of the streets in tokyo.

moshi moshi

a person in purple leggings standing with cloudy sky in the background.

just for fun, manhattan buyer susy jets to the land of the rising sun. she never travels without a flashy coat, and boots that go with everything.

tokyo, japan

purpose of journey: just for fun

never travel without: a flashy coat, boots you can wear with anything, and an interesting read

favorite outfit you packed: a pair of high-waisted vintage trousers with slits and rivets down the sides, vintage jean paul gaultier mesh shirt, my favorite leather jacket, mini black prada handbag

how many pairs of shoes: three -- black platform boots, these old mary-jane platform sandals with pink rhinestones, a pair of leather slides

what are you listening to: this trip, i felt very into new order, pet shop boys, depeche mode, light asylum and stevie nicks

favorite meal: a little ramen shop in koenji (that neighborhood is really cool, so many junk shops, vintage stores, thrift stores -- my favorite places to shop). you place your order through a machine and sit at a counter, and the chef makes your soup right in front of you, with fresh handmade noodles. all of the food in tokyo was pretty cheap, and so delicious

highlight of the trip: a friend and i took the train to hakone, a little mountain town around a lake. we walked in the forest and visited a traditional onsen (bathhouse) fed by mineral hot springs

view of the imperial gardens.

the imperial gardens

a person posing surrounded by people walking down a city street.

akihabara, “electric town”- the electronics and video game neighborhood

yellow game boy and louis vuitton purse.

travel accessories- game boy purchased in akihabara

top view of a city with sunset.


person holding coffee, sitting on the subway.

on the subway

polaroid of person standing at senso-ji shrine.

senso-ji shrine

above angle of ramen.

koenji restaurant, best ramen of the trip

polaroid of two people smiling at camera.

me and bryan

junk shop in koenji.

junk shop in koenji

colorful illustration print.

cool illustration print I picked up

view of tokyo tower.

tokyo tower

person wearing jpg shirt.

JPG <3

polaroid of hakone.



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