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people drinking coconuts in front of a pool and ocean in the background.

no problem

a group of people posing for a picture in a river.

hiking reach falls 

a solid crew heads to jamaica to get away and celebrate ibi, the bride-to-be

port antonio, jamaica

purpose of journey: ibiza’s bachelorette

never travel without: your crew! we rolled deep and fit 11 people in a car

what are you listening to: music filled the air from speakers everywhere when we were out, at home, we dj'd with phones and portable speakers.  

favorite meal: ackee and saltfish, the national dish - cooked and eaten for breakfast - we were convinced that ackee (a fruit) was scrambled eggs. jamaican food is a mix of african, indian, british, french, spanish and chinese cuisine. it is incredible. notable mention to jerk and curry dishes as well as the vegetable callaloo. 

highlight of the trip: spending time in paradise with the baddest!

a person in a striped swimsuit dancing.


group of people people sitting on a wooden dock in the ocean.

a person in a floral bikini laying on a wooden deck.

our dock on the bay

group of people in bikinis drinking coconuts in front of a pool.

young coconuts

a person laying in a pool with a plant in their hand. 
neelum's sprouted coconut

a person in a green dress with sunglasses and a hat.


a bench and palm tree on a grassy hill.

ginger flower.

ginger flower

a person posing looking over the shoulder.

dana at the blue lagoon 

two pictures: a person sitting posing, and person next to trees with the ocean in the background..

delcey and ibi in stripes 

a person in a bikini doing yoga in the water.
monkey island

collage of a person standing, and a bunch of fruit.

spiritual guide

a person sitting in a pool with an inflatable bull.

a mermaid and a bull

a person laying in the water with a snorkling mask.

its a snorkel! 

view of the beach, water is clear.

two pictures of alisson and sandra in a bikini posing.

allison and sandra 

person is holding a leaf with urchin in it. 

a group of people posing for a photo.

 in the solar eclipsed light 

two pictures of a people in a bikini and a hat.

big up!


 photos by delcey flemming and aisha gunnell
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