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a person wearing sunglasses posing in front of a wall of toy vending machines.


a person in red standing in front of a pagoda.

when your outfit matches the temple decor... enough said

beacon's buyer laura jets to the land of the rising sun for an incredible and inspiring birthday trip, in this edition of road vogue. 


destination: japan - land of the rising sun

purpose of journey: because my boyfriend gave me the best birthday present ever: a trip to japan! but also because he’s an actual angel.

never travel without: i never leave without my faithful floss! seriously never know when i'll be in a pinch and need string to fix/tie/thread something or got hella food in my teeth.

favorite outfit you packed: i borrowed my "let's play hooky & go to vegas baby (& maybe get married?!?)" matching red pantsuit for this trip! it's sinfully easy to look that instantly fabulous even if i’m dying from jet lag or, even worse, there’s no full length mirror.

how many pairs of shoes: i swear to god i only brought one pair of sneakers!

what are you listening to: bad brains - live at cbgb ‘82

favorite meal: ramen! not only because it’s so ‘oishii’ but there is an art to eating it. it’s all about that slurp - loud & unapologetically - because it cools off the noodles, savors all the flavors, and a way to give your compliments to the chefs. trust me you look even weirder when you don’t!

highlight of the trip: japan is like the spiritual heartland of fashion! duh! just walking down the streets of tokyo, kyoto, osaka - it was incredible to witness people’s devotion to their personal style. there are no rules, no limits, only total dismantling of space & time and continuous rebirthing of whatever the f@ck you want! so eternally beautiful! i came back mega inspired!

a person wearing a jacket looking up.

tokyo: we landed just in time for the last day for ‘sakura’ cherry blossom season

a person standing in front of a shop with a lot of merchandise.

tokyo: owner & sweetie, kenji, of punk cake in harajuku

a pocket full of buttons on a denim jacket.

tokyo: when your inner ‘hot topic devote tween’ self dies & arrives in 99 cent pin heaven

a person looking at books in a book store.

tokyo: jimbocho is an entire district dedicated to used books (there’s supposedly around 130-180 stores!?!)

a person standing in front of a wall of toy vending machines.

tokyo: trying to play it cool at this mecca of ‘gachapon’ (capsule toy) shop in akihabara

a crowd of people walking down a street.

osaka: dotonbori is riot of ill-matched neon signs, endless ‘takoyaki’ octopus stands, and droves of host boys in snappy suits looking for a hot date

a group of people walking down a street with umbrellas.

osaka: i couldn’t help but to endlessly cruise down street after street just to admire the rich textile history of japan

a person sitting in front of a wall full of japanese art.

osaka: hanging out at three tides tattoo

an artwork with a drawing of a man in a kimono.

oska: senshafuda of lil ol’ badass me gifted by the mega talented ukiyoemon mitomoya

a group of people are lighting incense sticks in a bowl of sand.

kyoto: most buddhist temples in japan have incense offerings as a way to pay respect to their ancestors and to cleanse themselves

a person is looking clothes at a market.

 kyoto: flea market at toji temple filled with endless treasures: stacks of 1800’s edo woodblock prints, vintage firemen coats, and local pottery, as well as passing by many buddhist priests in ochre robes performing prayers

japanese silk scarves and kimonos.

 kyoto: tables on tables of vintage kimono scraps starting at only 500 yen (dreams really do come true!)


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