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bust of crochet fox on tree stump with flowers.

plastic planet - art by calder kamin

bust of fox made from crocheting trash bags.

as a secondhand store in the business of recycled fashion, sustainability is something we care deeply about. multi-media artist calder kamin creates an educational platform with her art; opening a dialogue for the ways humans impact biodiversity. the whimsical animals and plants of ‘plastic planet’ are an impactful visual for the toll our actions take on the environment. kamin’s process involved twisting, coiling and crocheting strips of plastic from single-use shopping bags until they remarkably resembled fur, grass or flowers - to date she has diverted thousands of plastic bags from our oceans and landfills.

bust of fox on stump with flowers.
portrait of profile of fox.
bust of bobcat on trunk with flowers.
profile of bobcat.
detail of trunk and flowers.
bust of fox on trunk.
portrait of hang possum.
portrait of bust of deer.

photos by philip rogers


"calder kamin: plastic planet" courtesy of women & their work
directed by christopher d. walker and liberty walker


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if you would like to donate plastic bags, contact calder via email at
learn more about beacon's closet shopping bag program here. 
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