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patron in berber headpiece.

queens of bushwig 2018

stunning attendee in a painted look.

our favorite queer festival returns for its 7th installment, bigger and better than ever. over 160 legendary performers delighted audiences for 23 hours of drag, music, and love. bushwig was our fashion week.

portrait of patron in berber headpiece and all over face makeup.

two patrons posing together at the event.

patron in a latex nurse look.

two patrons in their plaid and 70s inpired looks.

patron in wig and stunning conceptual dress and head piece.

two piece sparkle moment on attendee.

patron featuring umbrella, headpiece, face paint, bib necklace and strapless dress.

two patrons posing in front of a step and repeat fringe wall.

patron in conceptual head piece with red fringe from eyes.

patron in overized triangular conceptual sunglasses.

unbelievable conceptual look.

portrait of two patrons at the event.

patron in theatre/clown inspired black and white geometric look.

6 patrons in matching outfits and wigs.

patron in phallic mask covered in pearls.

vendor at their stall.

performer on stage.

dancer on stage with bag of beach balls.

portrait of performer singing with head thrown back.

performer on stage.

performer on stage.

patron in front of stage with fan.

patron in all lace look.

portrait of three friends.

patron sitting against wall with boots and headpiece off.

patron in full body look.

stunnign conceptual look composed of light up little balls.

performer shot from back stage.

photos by carly boonparn

horchata posing at their epic event!

merry cherrie posing outside at their epic event!

untitiled queen in stunning conceptual look.

devilish performer photographed backstage.

patron in pleated metallic cape.

two patrons featured outside.

patron in full face makeup.

patti spliff posing inside.

goth duo posing for event.

patron posing with the sunflowers in over the knee boots.

patron posing in custom designed body suit and hat.

patron posing with light saber.

stunning conceptual look featuring birds.

performer posing for pic.

conceptual trash bag and trash hat and dress.

conceptual look with headpiece.

clown inspired chic look.

patron posing.

patron posing in front of smoke machine.

teeth inspired look.

conceptual look.

gold feathered grecian look.

cute velvet look.

regal and morbid inspired look.

photos by aisha gunnell

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