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merrie cherry and horchata portrait with fan that reads 'flawless'.

read my lips: it's britney b**ch

nicky host of event.

read my lips, the lip sync showdown brought to you by nick ottav and blake deadly at 3 dollar bill in brooklyn. twelve queens compete for a chance to win $1,000. this month's category was britney spears. photo booth by beacon's :)

host posing in their britney look.

patron posing.

stunning patron doning a cowboy hat.

patron in tonal look with face paint.

gorgeous optical illusion look.

details of nicky from behind.

couple patrons posing together.

two patrons posing together.

couple posing and laughing together.

merrie chery posing in a polka dot look.

merrie cherry and horchata portrait with fan that reads 'flawless'.

britney performer posing.

patron posing in front of step and repeat wall.

patron posing.

patron posing with bum bag.

patron posing in service outfit with tray and drink.

patron posing.

patron in tie dye ripped shirt.

patron in gorgeous sequin vintage dress.

patron in lemon wedge inspired dress.

patron in black blazer as dress.

and the winner is:
kimmi moore

winner of the performances kimmie moore.

logo for: 'read my lips'.

photos by @carly_rab
photo assistant @morethanlaundry
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