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person posing holding fan and drink.

spring break forever!

person posing in front a turquoise wall.

it’s soy hottttttttttt. I must close my eyes and tug on my bolero. 

comedian/our greenpoint buyer, sandy, brings the heat and shares some south florida shenanigans.

destination: satellite beach/miami beach

purpose of journey: to visit my family. my boyfriend has family in south florida too. we decided to drive down and make it a road trip!

never travel without: a pillow

favorite outfit you packed: red rag&bone pants and reformation top

how many pairs of shoes: 3

what are you listening to:  shuggie otis, paul wall, minnie riperton, lana del ray, princess nokia, weezer.  

favorite meal: extreme burrito with jamaican jerked chicken yellow rice, $5.50. florida lager brew draft, $2.

highlight of the trip: dancing with my mom at mango's in south beach and watching baby sea turtles find their way in da world.

person with all white outfit walking, palm trees in the background.

first night in miami. palm trees, all white, open toe sandals. i was waiting for the rock/ dwayne johnson to come out from one of those trees, pick me up and put me on a boat.

person riding a jet ski and flag saying "beachwave beachwear"

my bratty butthead inner self couldn’t resist climbing on top of this jet ski for a picture. shortly after I was yelled at by the owner of beach wave. sorry bro!

cotton candy sunset and palm trees.

cotton candy sunset at my mom’s casa.


polaroid of person posing next to surfboard at the beach.

in my hometown. i was going for “90’s MTV spring break”. my 10 year old self would sit indian style in front of the tv watching all the hot babes on MTV. i dreamed of being a V.J.

baby sea turtle at sand.

yes that is a baby sea turtle about to go find themselves in the world. good luck buddy!

people, palm trees and huge tire at beach.

man vs tire. who will win?

person with crop top holding fan and drink posing.

this photo was taken at mango’s during happy hour. my mom was going off, she had everybody dancing. i wish i could bottle up that moment and revisit on the regs.

person posing holding fan.

my mom brought me back that fan from spain. it was the perfect accessory for the whole trip. i love how dramatic it is. you can really be as dramatic as you want in south beach and really go for it, because there will always be somebody way hotter than you wearing a g-string eating lobster.


people dancing at outdoor bar.

more mango’s! check out birdman in the corner. much love for this guy. the world needs more birdmans! hard to be in a bad mood while watching a parrot bob his head to shaggy “it wasn’t me.”


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photos by ryan heyner

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