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diptych of two styled looks.

spring trends: gem x beacon's closet

pastel crochet look.

liisa jokinen of @nyc_looks introduces gem; a search engine for shopping online second-hand. we partnered with her to illustrate how you can keep up with trends sustainably!

how to wear spring trends + second hand

written by liisa jokinen & flora wilds
same look featured in a different pose.


colorful leather

standing out amongst classic black leather pieces is fully accomplished with a harder to find pastel. incorporating other fun and unusual textures creates a look with dimension.

details of knit and mesh sleeve.


jonathan anderson started the modern crochet trend in 2017. this spring, crochet pops up everywhere from handbags and shoes, to skirts and pullovers. we like to capitalize on this trend by wearing multiple crochet pieces in one look! knits don’t have to be reserved for the top half of your body (see eckhaus latta fw19). we also like little add-ons: a crochet apron extends a sweater into an asymmetrical tunic shape.


detail including vintage bags.

mini bags

this trend continues exponentially. the smaller the bag, the better. this outfit incorporates a couple of tiny bags made of contrasting materials and colors. who says you can’t wear all of your favorite pieces at once! (even if none of them actually fit your phone).


metallic and pleated layered look.

metallic fabrics

metallics have a long history: 70s disco, 80s prom-style dresses, club wear of the 00s . . . metallics from different decades, or a high-low mix like this blue 3.1 phillip lim top layered over a silver hoodie simply dazzles.


details of back of pleated metallic look.


for us, pleats please by issey miyake is the highest level of pleats, but all other forms will do as well. combining different types of pleats in the same outfit is both playful and sharp: good for work and a night out dancing.


polka dot and mesh tights look.

polka dots

it is about time this happy classic print makes a come back! mix and match big and small polka dots and different colors too. dots guarantee an outfit that instantly lifts your mood. this print is easy to find when thrifting, we take a page out of yayoi kusama’s book and go spotty head to toe!


portrait featuring polka dot look.


a scarf is a perfect transitional trend for when it’s too warm for a beanie, but you still want some coverage from april showers. headscarves add a hint of romance to your look and make us want to hop into a convertible and head upstate to catch the first flowers of spring. even the coolest guys tie a scarf under their chin now. no scarf, no problem.  we just used an extra blouse in this photo!

vintage pleated dress layered over mesh long sleeve shirt.

puffed shoulders

we’re so here for some shoulder drama. we love the emphasis an extended shoulder brings to a look: belting a garment adds a nice contrast between a broad boxy shoulder and the waist. layering with a sheer top helps when the weather is still chilly.


full shot of dress layered over mesh long sleeve shirt and painted slacks.

dresses over pants

if there’s one unifying thread among all of the spring trends, it's layers, layers, layers! a textured dress over printed pants is a stimulating combo. it is just much more fun to wear your favorite pants and your favorite dress at the same time.


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