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left to right: hanging planter, and a person holding plant with foliage in the back.

steel drums

person posing in the middle of tropical foliage.

forever trying to be one with the tropical foliage

designer and greenpoint buyer allison press gives us a sneak peek at her new home line and 
adds another pool pet to her collection. 

 florida: st. augustine, cedar key, tampa, and jacksonville

purpose of the journey:
 family, vacation, and a lil photoshoot for my new homeware line, ‘naked label home’

never travel without
music, a good book, and a sarong

favorite things you packed:
all my bikinis and kaftans

how many pairs of shoes:

what were you listening to
island vibes: beach boys, reggae, steel drums

favorite meal:
seafood pasta with scallops, fish, clams, and mussels

the highlight of the trip:
being at the beach or the pool every day!

left to right: person swimming at pool, and a two chairs at a cozy little porch.

l: the condo pool in cedar key.  i once survived, aka slept through, a hurricane in this same hotel when i was 6 months old.

r: a cozy lil porch in the tiny fishing town of cedar key, florida

view of sand path to the beach.

a calm and beautiful evening amongst the sand dunes of jacksonville beach

left to right: fall slide at water park, and a person smiling near bismark palm.

l: waiting in line at the busch gardens water park, to go on a 70-foot free fall slide called vanish point!
r: forcing my cute lil sister to pose with a beautiful bismark palm after a long day at the water park in tampa

view of a lake with trees.

a beautiful natural spring, known for having a high population of manatee, alligators, and underwater caves; right outside of cedar key

left to right: close up of hanging planter, and a person holding hanging planter.

sneak peek the ‘illusion’ hanging planter from naked label, official home line coming out very soon!

person posing near flamingo and rainbow floats.

i usually plan my summer trip to florida around my little sister’s birthday.  i’ve started collecting and adding a fun new float every birthday i’m there. plan is to one day completely fill the whole pool lol

sunset in cedar key.

sunset in cedar key, this place never fails to have beautiful sunsets and epic thunderstorms every time i’m there

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