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texas sun

texas sun

the only thing i can eat here is called 'spicy spaghetti' - served cold, it's actually pretty good


our creative producer travels from the us/mexico border of el paso to austin in the heart of texas. 


destination: the lone star state 

purpose of journey: spend time with family and friends 

never travel across texas without a pickup truck 

a favorite outfit you packed: i wore the same few layers every day aside for a fancy night out in austin with a sparkly dress and my red wings lol 

how many pairs of shoes: 1 pair of boots! 

what were you listening to: country mostly  

favorite meals: my sister made vegan sausage wraps for us one night whilst camping out in big bend..granted we were hungry but it was one of the best meals ever. and one night in austin my friend and i cooked for my family - coconut milk mussels, lemon garlic trout, and a dank salad

highlights of the trip: spending time with the people i love. climbing rocks and camping in west texas  

hueco tanks where even the warm-up boulders are overhung

west texas.

high altitude desert basin. hueco tanks state park

monkey and me

mr stubbs and kiva diva. big bend national park

ty behind his bar - the lost horse. macks neon <3

when there's one bar in town - that's where everyone goes! 

what stepping outside the lost horse looks like... 

road dogs 

my friends opened a club in austin so we got the band back together. coconut club 

cleaned up with my besties <3

 photos by soraya zaman + aisha gunnell

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