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leaf lady in yellow.

the reason for the season

delcey sitting in front of a window.

 sitting in the living room bay window 

delcey et co head to d.c. to celebrate the holidays with family and friends

washington d.c.

purpose of journey: visiting family for the holidays

never travel without: my vintage pentax 35mm film camera

favorite outfit you packed: vivienne westwood white cotton dress with vintage 80s hot pink suede mule heels.

how many pairs of shoes: three. i covered all of my bases; a pair of sneakers, heels, and booties.

what were you listening to: 80s r&b and funk; janet jackson, prince, the s.o.s band, etc...

favorite meal: the whole weekend was about food, so all of it really! my boyfriend’s sister ashley is practically a gourmet chef, and she prepared all of thanksgiving dinner. we also went to a friend’s place for some cuban food the next day.

highlight of the trip: seeing family, catching up with the kids and seeing them grow, and socializing with the unique locals of d.c.


a chihuahua dog standing in front of a house.

double exposure of monty sun bathing and a shot of the back deck/yard

left to right: sitting on a swing in the fall and a group of people standing in a wooded area with a bow and arrow.

l to r: ella on the swing in the back / target shooting with maxwell and ella in the backyard.

delcey in a yellow shirt standing in the woods.

leaf lady

a series of photos of people posing.

a series of single photos of people posing.

a series of photos of person posing with a dog.

l to r: me and dorian / our gracious hosts: ashley & mark / the kids: ella, cameron & maxwell / ashley & monty

delcey taking a picture of herself in a living room with flowers.

chilling in ashley and mark’s beautiful living room

left to right: a table with plates, silverware, and flowers on it; person preparing a turkey in front of a painting; a group of people standing in front of a window at night; and a person playing a piano in a dark room.

peering in through the window /maurice playing “georgia”

duo with braided hair standing next to each other.

post cocktail party end of the night french braiding session

left to right: couple posing for a photo in their kitchen and group of people posing in front of a painting.

l: the parents, sue & maurice / casual cocktail party at rueben & kimberly’s


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