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still life of costume jewelry necklaces.

thoughtful and useful: how to gift second-hand


still life of necklaces.

photo: lee ash

'tis the season of giving. buying gifts secondhand is a great way to save money, the environment, and cut down on stuff that ends up as clutter. here are a few tricks to pulling off secondhand gift giving. 

honey comb shoes and bag still life.

 photo: thomas tomczak & aisha gunnell  

•like any gift, the item must be a match for the recipient. 
•remember, the success of a gift is measured by its thoughtfulness, not cost
•opt for accessories or pieces where size isn't a concern. if you are giving to an antique lover, go vintage! look for something that will be prized for their age or one-of-a-kind appeal like a necklace (check the clasps) a belt with a unique buckle, a wallet, purse, or even a simple patch that speaks to you
•if your receiver is more into new things, you'd be surprised at the number of pre-owned items that are unused, or new with tags.  
presentation is key.  instead of gift wrap, using something like a cigar box, or an old wooden crate can really enhance the uniqueness of the gift. happy giving!

metallic purse with fur poof.

photo: lee ash 


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