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vaquera f/w 16 + afterparty

diptych of model walking runway in fringe vest

diptych of two different models, one in pink set other in black set
diptych of model in pink pants, branded long sleeve shirt and sock necklace

diptych of two models in velvet looks

diptych of model in two piece set with black fringe

two models donning vaquera looks

diptych of two models on the runway one in checkered dress one in black cape dress

diptych of two models on the runnway in two all white looks

vaquera designers

vaquera designers and friends

model and wall decal

ibi in fringe coat

diptych of guests

portrait of two guests

stairs and coat

portrait of guests and smiley face backpack detail

diptych of two guests of show

vaquera is the boldest, bad-ass label to emerge from ny fashion week.  both the pieces and their show were uncorrupted by the status quo.  we caught the catwalk at china chalet where the unruly models charged the room, dancing and prancing in exaggerated ruffles and oversize “left eye” hats.  it was 90s-club-kid-meets-fairytale-frauline with all sorts of other allusions we lack words to describe.

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