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yin and yang - styled by stephanie

stephanie and alyson in red and black stephanie (l) in a hannah marshall leather dress. allison (r) in a lanvin top.

best buds stephanie and allison are opposites that attract. like night and day, yin and yang, black and white. this week, they meet in the middle for a style mashup. 

alyson wearing red hat

stephanie in black

what was your first impression of each other?

stephanie: dark side of the crystal with some seriously heavy psychedelic mermaid vibes. plastic daisy behind her ear, tying her whole look together. umm, nailed it! 


allison: i remember being pretty intimidated. she was so tough and no-nonsense and seemed totally unamused with me at first! but i could tell she had a heart of gold.

alyson and stephanie in luxe looks featuring fur

alyson and stephanie lounging on a couch in luxe looks

alyson and stephanie in luxe looks featuring fur  stephanie in an asos dress. allison in jean paul gaultier 

what do you admire about her style?

stephanie: allison is allison. there's no mistaking her for anyone else. her style is her own and ego doesn't play a role in it. she doesn't judge or let be judged. there's a lot to respect and admire about that.

allison: stephanie always looks effortlessly cool. whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans or a conceptual look, everything always fits just right with just the right amount of personality and edginess. I remember when i first met her she was wearing a vintage poly sundress and yet somehow she made it seem goth and not 70's whatsoever! i think the key to style is putting your own twist on it and really making it your own. stephanie has always had that beautiful ability to make any piece of clothing fit into her vision!

all vintage

what’s one of your favorite memories of you two?

stephanie: we saved a baby horse once. seriously. we were staying with a friend and his father in puerto rico. the second we drove up to there house we had to help get this little baby out of a ditch in their backyard. failing miserably at reuniting her with her mom, we ended up having to take care of the babe till the humane society could come get her. nothing better than being with your best friend and bottle-feeding a baby horse in paradise.

allison: one of my many favorite moments with stephanie was when we we were traveling together in puerto rico. it was pitch black out and we were trying to sneak into the bioluminescent bay when she got a rusty fish hook stuck up in her foot!  ironically, it landed us with a free kayak tour. however, the two of us sharing a kayak was almost worse than a fish hook in her foot. we could not get it together!! eventually we learned to paddle in sync and in a straight line, then joining the rest of our tour to swim and float in the magical, beautiful, and glowing bay :))

   all vintage


interview + lens julia popescu

 styled by stephanie @letsgetdark 

 follow allison + her jewelry line @nakedlabel


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