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bold moves - styled by jameson

bold moves - styled by jameson


jameson strikes a pose in contemporary and vintage american clothing. featuring shimmery metallics, plush textures and a whole lotta skin.

who/what is currently inspiring you?

i put the plur in plural (peace, love, unity, and respect) inspiration comes in many forms. i pay attention to external happenstance and am most excited by things that fall into my lap organically. right now i can’t stop thinking about a lime green topcoat on a woman who yelled at me in a bodega.

tell us about some of the looks from this shoot

i wanted the shoot to feel like vogue italia, but eye-rollingly classic new york. fashion here is stronger than it’s been in years, so i wanted to use a lot of american designers. the velvet pantsuit is vintage dkny and worn with a miu miu vest and earring and prada glasses. today, hood by air is one of the few labels actually showing anything new, so i was real happy dese let me use her coat and velvet boots. the silver brocade dress is from my friend shan huq’s spring ‘16 collection. his clothes are sickeningly sophisticated for how new his label is; designers like him and patric dicaprio of vaquera are making new york fashion interesting again.

what kind of things are you pursuing creatively when not at beacon’s?

recently i’ve been styling for my photographer friends brendan owens and jennifer medina. beacon’s is heaven for styling. i find so many insane pieces that i’d have to pay thousands for elsewhere. this week, brendan and i are shooting his friend sunny lee's collection.


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lensed by dese 

interview by julia popescu


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