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brazilian birthday

brazilian birthday

bushwick employee tina, and her childhood friend and birthday twin mina share a joint birthday bash, brazilian-style!

two people hugging and smiling at the camera, with iguassu falls in the background - wide angle.

iguassu falls on the brazil side. unreal

destination:  brazil

purpose of journey: mina and i have the same birthday (7/14) so we go on birthcation together every year

never travel without: those stupid airplane neck pillows - they are legit though. mario badescu aloe, herbs & rosewater spray. for real, it is only $7 and is the best product ever. eyebrow pencil…you can take my eyes but not my eyebrow pencil

favorite outfit you packed: probably this missoni two-piece that is purple and orange cheetah print pants with a matching tube top. i only wore it once, out in lapa in rio 

how many pairs of shoes: 3 boots; the better to hike with. white nike air maxes, and a pair of pons avarcas (judge me)

what are you listening to: fetty wap, loads of samba, and drake. we also watched a lot of brazilian mtv. we fell in love with mc guime. google him. my fave song is “queira ou nao queira.”

favorite meal: pastels pastels pastels. they are big rectangular dough pockets filled with anything, like cheese, and then deep fried and served with this spicy brazilian version of duck sauce. mina and i were obsessed with the brazilian-japanese fast food, specifically a spot called koni (miss u booboo). also shoutout to my main berry acai-you’re a star.

highlight of the trip: jeeze. the whole trip was really crazy.  hiking corcovado to christ the redeemer was insane for me, it was so, so vertical and so high.  we don’t have nature like that on long island, let me tell you. we went to the southwest of the country to see the iguassu falls, which blew my mind. i have never seen waterfalls before and mina and i took a “boat tour” which was actually a raft into the falls. that was pretty incredible. i love brazil. it has some of the most beautiful people inside and out (emphasis on the out, though) and is one of the most beautiful countries i have ever seen.

wide-angle view of ipanema beach: person posing with knees on the sand, a salesman behind, and the 'pão de açúcar' mountain in the background.

leblon, rio de janeiro <3

wide angle of batman alley with several grafitti artworks..
batman alley, brazil

person posing in front of grafitti at batman alley.
batman alley; brazils answer to five points

people smiling at the camera, taken with a selfie stick.

we read an article a couple months before we left about this tattoo shop that was opened up by a woman (samantha sam, left) to help support and employ other women in the industry. so we went to get a sign of femininity tattooed and it was a really special experience. we just wanted to give a shout to all the all girls at sampa tattoo, mucho gusto! obrigada!

duo in plaid outfits posing at pride parade on the streets of brazil, with people walking in the background.
we happened to be in salvador during gay pride. it was the craziest gay pride parade i’ve ever been to, hands-down

person in pool looking over shoulder at the camera, with a parasol and greenery in the background.
this was at our hostel, hostel galeria 13. you can hear all the samba from the streets and restaurants while sucking down 5 or 7 caipirinhas

person smiling at the camera, making a peace and love gesture, at the top of corcovado mountain with a view of rio de janeiro in the background.
almost to the top of corcovado after 2 hours of climbing

people posing in front of christo redentor.
christo redentor ayy

full body of person smiling wearing a hat, airplane at the background.
foz de iguassu, where there was an amy winehouse wax figure at baggage claim

duo smiling at camera with the view of river in the back.
we’ve got argentina to my left and paraguay to my right, bring ‘em both together we got jukin’ all night.

duo smiling at camera, with the sunlight in the background.
top of pao de acucar

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