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chris in thrasher hoodie sitting on grass.

chrome waves - styled by chris

chris in thrasher hoodie seated on a lawn.

chris brings his west coast roots and bluesey strains for a cool, broody beach vibe. feel the summer breeze, below.

chris in ghost long sleeve looking out at the ocean.
chris walking in the dunes.

what do you do outside of beacon’s?

i play guitar in a bluesy doom band called GHXST.

you’re from california originally - how has your style changed coming to new york?

i wear more black now.

chris putting around a soccer ball on the beach.
chris is adidas with soccer ball on the beach.

what are some go-to pieces in your closet?

this summer… vintage band tees, chinos and a trucker hat. kind of a throwback to my west coast days.

what was the inspiration for the soccer ball in this shoot?

soccer’s always been a part of my life. there’s a quote where camus said that everything he knew about morality he learned playing football. it’s a beautiful game.

chris holding guitar standing on roof.
listen to the moody croonings of GHXST at:

photos by shelly x
interview by julia popescu
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