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please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
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ana sitting by potted plants.

clothing connects - styled by natasha

natasha seated on bead holing hair.

manhattan buyer natasha opens up about the evolution of her style and discusses the community and connection clothing can create.

describe your style:

minimal and effortless. my closet is nearly entirely comprised of neutral colors and basics that can be worn interchangeably so that i never have to have that outfit dilemma when getting ready. whenever buying something new i always ask myself if it’s something i’ll want to wear until it falls apart; and as a serial outfit repeater that tends to happen. that being said, i’ll randomly go through phases, be it grunge or preppy ‘90s. in those cases i need new closet space until i reset back to my minimal clothes.


ana posing with stoves on sidewalk.

earliest fashion memory:

avril lavigne’s ‘sk8r boy’ music video. seeing a girl wearing a tie and skateboarding, just being “one of the guys” seemed so epic to eight-year-old me. i remember stealing a tie from my brother and that school year i wore plaid mini skirts with converse every day.


ana seated by potted plants.

what are some (or one) of the most exciting things in your closet:

my most prized possession is my ‘89 joker tee. growing up my brother and i would always go to the cinema and watch all the superhero movies, so it’s a bit of a sentimental thing. but my favorite thing about this shirt is that i always get comic book nerds coming up to me about it, so i’m always learning new things about the joker. the great thing about fashion is that it connects people before they’ve even had a chance to speak and that’s exactly what this shirt does every time i wear it.


ana sitting on chain link.

how did you first get interested in clothes:

my mom was the ultimate fashionista and i’d always be in awe of her style when i was little kid. so we would bond by going shopping or spending hours putting outfits together. my style is extremely influenced by my mom’s current style or her style that i’ve seen in photos. for the most part, i’m recreating her looks with my twist to it.

ana seated on dolly.


photos by zack schlemmer
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