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concrete jungle- styled by aisha

hailing from austin, texas, aisha lends a southern charm to our brooklyn beacon’s in her stetson hat and western boots. having styled and modeled, we knew she'd hit it home in this month's "styled by." enjoy!


aisha gunnell on her roof in bushwick.


how are you involved in fashion beyond your job as a buyer at beacon’s?

i live and breath it (joking)! but really...i have been dressing and styling people around me since i was a kid with hand-me-downs. on the other side of that, i also model and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing designers since i moved to new york. i've always tried to immerse myself in fashion and photography and its connection to other mediums of creative expression, culture, time, and environment. i'm very curious about that relationship and am always exploring its influence on people.    


aisha gunnell in a hallway holding their phone.
aisha gunnell in a sarong in her stair well.


in what way has your upbringing influenced your style?

i grew up in malaysia and wore school uniforms every day until i moved to austin, texas when i was 14. i moved into a large white suburban school, from the jungle, and no one really knew what to think of me. the way i dressed was one way people would notice me or want to talk to me. so i think my love for clothes started then.


aisha gunnell at the laundry.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

seeing the sun bringing color out again. i usually start with one thing or idea and build it out until all the pieces fit together in a cohesive story. in many cases, as with this project the first piece is a pair of shoes or a newly-acquired treasure from beacon’s, like the long black lace skirt by heather lawton, or something sentimental and special. or just a piece that specifically relates to an idea or vision i had. my neighborhood influenced my inspiration so I used it as the backdrop for this shoot. i believe one’s environment really does affect them.

aisha gunnell wearing a tie dye shirt in front of ice cream murals in bushick.

photos by patrick robertson 

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