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confidence is beautiful - styled by jessi

confidence is beautiful - styled by jessi

photographer and bushwick buyer jessi gets dressed for herself - not for anyone else. she mixes textures and prints, embraces wide leg pants, and for the first time - her style is all about color.

what trends are you seeing bubble up in fashion?

definitely a lot of pants! wide legged, colorful and/or patterned. i only own one pair of tight fitting pants now. lately i've been having fun with mixing textures and colorful eye makeup. gender ambiguity is another thing that i absolutely adore and can't wait to see more of.



what or who is currently influencing your style?

for the first time, my style has been based around color. being a photographer, my work tends to emphasize color- transitioning that love into my wardrobe has been something that truly makes me happy and i'm excited to see where it takes me. i've recently purchased a pair of teal leather gloves that i've been wearing with my bubble-gum pink faux fur coat. i'm obsessed.

do you see clothes and feminism as connected and if so, how?

yes i do. women of all age groups can have moments where they question if their outfit is sexy or feminine enough. i especially remember instances like these in high school and early college years, before i discovered my own sense of style and learned to dress for only myself and not for anyone else. to look and feel good because i genuinely enjoy the items i've put together in my own unique way. confidence is beautiful, it resonates with and inspires others -- and for that, i have my wonderful friends to thank.
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photos by austin jackson

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