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dog in print floral dress and sun hat.

doggie dog world

doberman posing in printed blazer and sunglasses.

what’s dressed in vintage armani and walks on all fours? the adorable doggie models captured by fashion photographer chantal adair. drawing from her veteran years in the industry first as a model and then as a streetstyle photographer, adair has looked to the furry fashionistas of new york and beyond as her muses. the results are delightful and leave us wanting to know more about her creative process. we sometimes find her shopping our racks for her canine confections so we caught up with her to inquire.

large dog in vintage floral dress and printed sun hat.

large dog seated in a srarter jacket, cap next to a budweiser beer.

how did you transition from shooting people to dogs?

funny enough it was an accident! i still take photos of humans but my main focus has been dogs. i've spent many years photographing fashion and street style. When a client couldn’t afford my rate, i decided to dress dogs up in human clothes. next thing i knew, my work was featured in huffington post and a 5 pound yorkie was flying me out to paris fashion week to document her experience.

three dogs in human clothes posing on a roof.


nine dogs in human clothes posing on a couch on the roof.

what's your creative process like?

i think about what's trending and the dogs coat. i usually need two days of prep before a shoot.

doberman seated in floral print shirt with sunglasses and their tongue out.

great dane in leopard print vest and cap.

where do you pull your looks from?

from many different places. it also depends on my client’s budget. i've literally shopped for dogs at dolce gabbana, ralph lauren and high-end children's stores. people usually think i'm shopping for my child. i used to tell them it's for a dog photo shoot and they'd look mortified. now i pretend i have children! i love beacon’s, especially for larger breeds. everything works!

dog laying down in printed dress.

photographer carrying their dog in beacons greenpoint.

can you share any of your tricks with us for getting the shot?

having lots of patience and photoshop!
instagram @thedogstyler

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