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kanga roo in full dolly parton look.

drop-dead gorgeous - styled by kanga roo

kanga roo in full dolly parton look.

what inspires your style?

anything and everything inspires my style. i grew up in a little town in oregon and was always obsessed with barbies, to the point where my parents really embraced my feminine side and appreciated my artistry! inspiration has also been found in movies such as clueless and my favorite movie of all time cinderella with brandy and whitney houston. i would put concerts on for my other barbies while watching whitney belt out “impossible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage”. you can bet your buns that i was wearing a one of a kind blue sleeping bag wrapped around my body like a dress while having my cinderella fantasy!

kanga roo in full dolly parton look applying lipstick in the mirror.

what or who is currently influencing your style?

hands down the women in music, all the way from the 50s to today’s hits have really hit a chord with me. patsy cline left the world waiting on her every word. she had so much power in her voice and her mom made all her outfits for each gig! that’s the same kind of mom i have. donna summer really gave me the courage to embrace disco. she grew up in a christian household like myself and faced challenges because of the sexy music she wanted to create. dolly parton has given me my southern twang (my dad helped with that one too-he’s a cowboy) and really compliments my talent of singing while looking drop-dead gorgeous in a pair of rhinestoned high heels. not to mention her influence over how much fringe i have bought in the last couple of years.
last but not least we arrive at the one and only lady gaga! miss g (if you’re nasty) helped me embrace sexuality while putting extreme measures into all my outfits. miss g really did sculpt my style by putting my mind at work to create things and experiment with colors and textures.

kanga roo in swim and wig.

what are some of the most special things in your closet?

one piece, in particular, is a dress that was gifted to me from one of my favorite drag queens in nyc! ginger snap! she gifted me one of her late friends’s dolly parton outfit that she used to wear while impersonating miss parton. it has blue star pasties on it with beaded fringe tassels! iconic. one item that i actually recently invested in was my black 9-inch platform pleaser boots. very lady gaga and if i do say so myself... iconic once again. another piece is my disco sequin jumpsuit. i actually bought it from beacon’s closet a while back and it’s my go-to for any party/occasion. navy blue with blinding silver sequins placed everywhere. my last piece would have to be hands down my 80’s pink sequin dress. it weighs in at around 10 pounds! she may be heavy but the boys can’t get enough of this strawberry shortcake.

kanga roo in vintage look on bicycle.

what was the inspiration behind this photoshoot?

because i was born in 1998, i never got to experience what it was like to live in some of the most fashion-forward decades. (in my humble opinion) this is my photo reality of the different decades i would love to visit. in today’s society, we too often listen to respond instead of listening to understand. what’s great about this decade is that we have the power to change that narrative and become a groundbreaking force of love and compassion for others through our artistic expression. creating a base where anyone or anything can express how they are feeling at any certain time. being a non-binary queen, (non-binary: returning to a fetus form of no gender) it’s really opened my eyes to injustice even in art. discussion is needed, but the right kind of conversation. this can really be the driving force to a united country and united world.

kanga roo in sparkling vintage dress.

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